Weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome

Weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome

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Is a weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome effective? If you suffer from restless legs you will know how difficult it can be to get to sleep, and how exhausted you feel during the daytime. 

You just can’t get comfortable – and as soon as you do, you have an irresistible urge to move. It’s so frustrating. 

You might have tried all kinds of things to get to sleep: a regular sleeping pattern, a ritual cup of chamomile tea before bed, more or less exercise – and even drugs from your doctor. What else should you try – are weighted blankets good for restless leg syndrome? 

Let’s dive in and look a little more deeply at restless leg syndrome and what you can do to help yourself.



What is restless leg syndrome

When you have restless leg syndrome you have an overwhelming urge to move your legs. You cannot get comfortable. You might also experience a creepy feeling in your feet and legs.

Usually, these feelings are worse at night – just when you are wanting to go to sleep. Sometimes your arms might also be affected and sometimes these feelings can occur in the daytime – especially if you are trying to catch up on lost sleep.

Some people have restless legs every single night, making them feel exhausted during the day. It interferes with work and leisure time; and the immediate relief is nowhere to be seen. For others, it hardly ever occurs, yet it is still worrying when it does happen.

Besides, around 80% of the people with restless leg syndrome also have periodic limb movements of sleep (PLMS). Sleep is interrupted by involuntary twitching or jerking of the legs.


How common is restless leg syndrome?

While restless leg syndrome tends to occur more commonly over the age of 50, younger people are not exempt. It has been estimated that in the United States there are thousands of people whose restless legs are disrupting their everyday life. Besides, up to 2 million people in America may be mildly affected.

Restless leg syndrome is more common in women and around 1 in 5 pregnant women suffer from this in the last three months of their pregnancy – fortunately, these symptoms tend to disappear once the baby is born.

A short video from our friends at WebMD will give you simple and effective advice on effective restless leg syndrome treatment at home.


What causes restless leg syndrome?

Doctors and scientists suspect that restless leg syndrome may be inherited since it tends to run in families. One of the neurotransmitters in the brain, dopamine may be involved, since this helps to control muscle movements. Iron deficiency anemia is another well-established cause and can be diagnosed and treated by your doctor.


What can you do to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome?

You can get temporary relief by deliberately moving, getting up, and walking around or stretching (but be careful with stretching, as in some people it can bring the movements on). Distraction with puzzles and games can be effective – make sure they are engaging and challenging – but they won’t help you get to sleep.

Regular sleeping habits and enough exercise helps; a hot or warm bath can be effective in reducing the symptoms. A balanced diet is important. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine can bring about a dramatic improvement for some people. Learn more about food that will help you improve your sleep quality and overall wellbeing.

See your doctor if you are worried about your health, if the symptoms continue, or if you think you may be deficient in iron. There are drugs your doctor can prescribe, these include drugs acting on dopamine and anticonvulsants. Some doctors may prescribe a vibrating pad – which has seen mixed results.


Does a weighted blanket help with restless leg syndrome?

A heavy blanket for restless leg syndrome makes good sense and the best weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome will also help relieve anxiety, soothe nerves, and the deep touch pressure creates a counter-weight, making it harder to move and reduces the twitching which can disrupt your sleep. If you’re interested in the best quality weighted blanket to help you ease the symptoms of restless legs – Aricove weighted blanket 48x72 inch will provide effective Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation on your leg muscles and ensure even distribution of weight on your body to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. 

Should you try a weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome is distressing and not uncommon. A severe case can disrupt a person’s life. Fortunately, there are things you can do to alleviate the symptoms and this includes a visit to your doctor or health practitioner! Also, using a weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome can be of great help.

The benefits of a weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome include the calming effect on the muscles and nerves in the legs, as well as on your mind. The Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation helps your leg muscles to relax and eases the tension away, just like a pleasant massage. There is also an effect on the brain, the serotonin level is increased and this in turn helps the brain to synthesize melatonin – our sleep hormone.

More than anything, a person suffering from restless leg syndrome wants to get a sound and uninterrupted sleep – and a weighted blanket will help provide one with the perfect environment for settling into a relaxing and peaceful sleep.


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