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Best night sleep ever

The fabric is soft and provides protection to on my investment. So pleased with how easy it was to put on my blanket. Highly recommend!!!

Weighted blanket

This is amazing. I wish I would of purchased this years ago. I’m sleeping in a way that I’m so rested when I wake up in the morning.

Great weighted blankets

I'd been looking at weighted blankets for awhile and finally decided to give these a try. The glass beads (as opposed to plastic), bamboo fabric and good reviews were what sold me. My immediate family loves them, they are so comfy, soft and not too hot. They have improved our sleep. Now considering as gifts for extended family. Just wish they were available in larger sizes.

Great blanket!

I gave the 20lb. blanket to my adult son as a gift and he loves it! The quality is excellent and the travel bag is a big help. The material is soft and it keeps him cool at night. He’s telling all his friends about it!

Really works!

I first ordered the 12 pound blanket but I am going to exchange it for the 20 pound blanket. But I really like the material it does keep me feeling cool, as at night I am a very hot sleeper. I have slept with other weighted blankets before but woke up in a terrible hot sweat. I think the price of Aricove is worth it because the quality is really great. I love the feeling of the bamboo fabric on my skin. And I like how the weight is evenly distributed with the diamond stitching. It’s worth it!

Sleep bliss

Did not expect to sleep as well as I have since getting the Aricove weighted blanket. I normally sleep hot, I haven’t sweat once. It’s silky, it’s soft, it’s comfy. I can sleep on my back, my side, my stomach and wake up feeling refreshed. I hope they make a blanket big enough for a queen/king bed so I can share it with my partner.

My son loves it

This weighted blanket is great. My son sleeps hot and no complaints after a week of use. We bought the 10lb blanket and he probably could have used the 12 or 15 lb. we may order another one and use this one for travel or living room.
He sleeps so much better with this.

Good quality product that doesn't make me too hot!

I get hot easily at night so I was skeptical that this blanket would not be as promised, but it's been good! Weighted but not too hot. I only wish two things: that I'd gone with slightly heavier than recommended for my size, and that there might be another color besides white. But I'm still happy with it and liking it.

Awesome cover

I has purchased an Aricove weighted blanket and cover several years ago an ended up giving it to a family member who really needed one - I had brought several others after that and they were just not as nice - the price is higher but the quality is top notch ! Love Aricove !!!!!

Excellent Customer Service!

I’ve never experienced better customer service. The product comes in a very nice canvas bag as a bonus too!

Aricove 5 lb Weighted Blankets for Toddlers and Kids
Nohely Marini-Latorre (Oviedo, US)
Satisfied with my Purchase!!!

I purchased the 5 lbs weighted blanket for my 4 year old grandson. He has been sleeping through the night since he started using it two days ago.

Helped daughter sleep

My daughter is fidgety and can't settle at night. This is the perfect size/weight for a 4 year old and helps her settle. Very nice quality.

My Holy Grail

I don’t know where to begin but this blanket is saving my sleep. I’ve always known that I sleep better with weight, but I’m a hot sleeper so I always steered clear of weighted blankets for that reason. However, when I read that this one was cooling, I decided to try it. And, the fact that it was returnable made a difference. I found another good one online, but it wasn’t returnable. Anyway, long story short, I’m awestruck at how this works. The weight has soothed me into deeper/more consistent sleep, and whatever dynamics about the blanket make it cool actually WORK! I am so thankful I stumbled upon Aricove. Could not be more grateful. For me, if I don’t sleep, nothing works in my life! :)

High quality!

I am very happy with the weighted blanket I purchased from my toddler. The fabric feels great; soft, no smells, etc. I got the 15lb one for myself. Haven’t washed it yet so curious how that will go but this is a beautiful blanket and works wonders for calming and settling in at night :) We love it!

3 Year Old Loves It

My three year old was sleeping with a winter comforter in 90 degree weather and insisting on long pajamas. Since he got this blanket, I’ve slept better knowing that he’s not in a puddle of sweat.

2 people sleeping better

I bought this for my husband who is both a thrasher and a hot sleeper - there was definitely a learning curve for him adjusting to the weight, but he now moves around WAY less, which helps us both sleep better! It’s been great so far on all but the hottest nights (we don’t have a/c) but he’s really enjoying it. (And for me, it’s kind of a god-send!)

Awesome Blanket

I love my weighted blanket. I sleep so much better.

Top quality blanket!

This is our second weighted blanket and the quality of this blanket is top notch! The workmanship on both the blanket and the cover are wonderful. Great feel and nicely done. My daughter loves the carrying bag since we travel a lot...makes it much easier to take it along!

Good so far.

The blanket is thin but heavy, easy to fold. You can feel the individual beads with your fingers but you don't feel them when the blanket is just laying on you. It feels cool and confortable.

Sleepy blanket

One of my kids was struggling with night time anxiety and falling asleep. This weighted blanket has done wonders for us! Better nights of sleep and faster/easier falling asleep! I like how evenly the weight is distributed and the loops attached for adding a duvet cover.

Best One!!

Absolutely the perfect weight for comfortable sleeping. I adore the color and the sheen. Beautiful addition to my bedding

It’s good!

This is a soft, but not overly hot, weighted blanket. Don’t get me wrong, it’s obviously warmer than, say, a flat sheet, but I’ve never woken up sweating in the middle of the night sleeping with my Aricove blanket. The weight feels nice and soothing.

Great blanket

Great blanket, high quality & the bamboo adds a cooling aspect which is nice!

10lb blanket 10/10

Purchased this blanked for my fiance after she asked for a weighted blanket.
She loves it so far and has been using it for ever sleep at night and even naps.
planning to purchase another for my mother in law soon.
Would recommend 10/10