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Sleeping Great with More Weight

Loving my 20 lb blanket so much. I bought it to keep at my daughter's house so I wouldn't have to keep taking my 15 lb blanket with me all the time to her house. I love the 20 lb one so much more that I will keep the 15 lb as the spare at her house and use the 20 lb full time at my house. They are both great, but I like the heavier one more. Yes, I was taking my blanket to my daughter's house so I could sleep well. I'll use the $30 for my granddaughter's blanket.

Beyond expectations!

I had wanted a weighted blanket for some time but had been disappointed with a product from another reputable manufacturer. I reviewed all the product information I had initially gathered and decided I would try the Aricove 10lb 48"x72" blanket. I was reassured that Aricove stood behind their product with a refund-guarantee, not a cycle of 'in-store credit.' WOW -- it was a good decision to try the Aricove product! I am delighted with my blanket!


Its feels great to sleep with, wish it came in bigger sizes like for couples, because this is a personal size

Helped with my toddler’s night waking

I got this for my 2.5 year old who was waking up in the middle of the night every night. I was at the end of my ropes! This seems to be helping with her night wakings. The blanket has good weight to it and it is soft. Very happy with my purchase.

Best Blanket Ever

So comfortable and cozy! Would recommend to any person looking to relax / have a good night's sleep!


amazing blanket!!! They didn't have the heavier next size that's what I wanted but this was still a great blanket!

The gift for someone who has everything!

This truly IS the gift to give your wife “who has everything”. She opened it Christmas morning, and has slept like a baby ever since.

Now my sister and daughter-in-law are very interested in Aricove.

Not what I expected

Totally not what I's actually better. I was so relaxed that I don't even remember going to sleep.

Great Christmas Gift!

Awesome purchase! My wife loves the weighted blanket and couldn’t be happier with it!!!

Like it!

Bought for my son. It has only been a week but I think he is sleeping better and longer with the blanket.

Just the right comfort.

Excellent blanket. Keeps me feeling secure at night.

A perfect gift.

I purchased the Aricove 10lb, 48'x72' weighted blanket as a birthday gift for my wife, and I could not be more excited for her. She loves the comfort and contentment she feels with the way the blanket encompasses her whole body. The first night was good but the second night she used it was heavenly and she slept through to the next morning for the first time in ages. She also really appreciates the quality of her "new, favorite" blanket and I am pleased to take some credit for that as I spent many hours on the internet researching weighted blankets and of all the names and models that I saw, Aricove was my choice. I can honestly, and quite happily say this was the best blanket for her as a gift. Thank you Aricove for a great product, and for making my wife's nights so much better.

Wonderful for children sleep

We have been so happy with the kids weighted blankets. My daughter insists on using hers every night. She suffers from sever eczema and often wakes through the night as she feels itchy. Since she has been using her weighted blanket there has been a huge improvement in the quality of her sleep. I wish we had gotten these years ago.

Amazing Weighted Blanket

I had been searching for a weighted blanket that I actually wanted to use.
There are so many out there, but I could never find one that I actually wanted to use UNTIL.....I found ARICOVE....what an amazing product.
Thank you ARICOVE for making such a great product.

Great gift

I bought this as a gift for my mother. She says it helps her sleep better. She takes it with her when we go on vacation as she cannot sleep without it.


I love this blanket makes it feel much better to sleep


This blanket helps with anxiety an it puts me to sleep fast I wish it came in other colors but it do have coverings since the blanket is white

Amazing Blanket

There are many details I. This blanket that set it apart from others like the individual pockets for beads and the removable, washable duvet.

Amazing quality very satisfied

Excellent product. Very happy with the quality and sleep results with my son. Would absolutely recommend.

The hype is real

I slept like a baby!!! The weight is something to get use to but it's amazing!!

Relaxed sleep

I was surprised at the relaxing sleep that I have been getting since I purchased the blanket.

Love It!

I love everything about this blanket. It feels very relaxing, it isn't too hot, and the fabric is soft. The weights don't bunch up but feel evenly distributed across the blanket. I guess there is one problem though. My daughter took it! She loves it just as much as I do. _x000D_
I've got to buy another one now.

Even distribution of weight

I really like it but 5 pounds feels lighter than I thought it would. I plan on getting the 10 pound one instead.

Great weighted blanket

This is my second weighted blanket. The first one purchased is very good but I thought it may be to hot once the warmer weather set in. I decided to give the Aricove weighted blanket a try, mainly because of the bamboo material and the spacing of the glass beads. I currently have bamboo sheets and love them. The Aricove blanket is everything I hoped it would be, cooling, soft and perfectly weighted. I would definitely recommend this weighted blanket.

Love it !

I have tried a few different weighted blankets and they all made me so hot ! I actually just order a second to make it a little heavier :)