Weighted Blankets Tailored for You

Weighted blankets promote calmness and relaxation through the therapeutic technique called the deep touch pressure stimulation.

Depending on your body type, sleep position and preferences, you will want a weighted blanket that weighs just right for you.

Available in five weights, you will find your perfect match at Aricove.

Aricove Weighted Blanket

Softly contours to your body like a gentle hug. Optimizes sleeping temperature with a silky soft texture and natural hypoallergenic properties to calm your senses for a full night of sleep.
Size 48"x72"
Weight 10 lb, 12 lb, 15 lb, 17 lb or 20 lb

Aricove Kids Weighted Blanket

Gently weighted to help you or your child feel safe and protected in bed. Recommended by pediatric doctors and health experts, it’s silky soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin.
Size 36"x48"
Weight 5 lb

Aricove Weighted Blanket Cover

Protects your weighted blanket from wear and tear, with silky soft and fully breathable features to enhance your weighty comfort. Plus, our removable and washable design makes cleaning simple ...
Size 48"x72"
Color White

How To Use A Weighted Blanket
for the First Time?

Weighted blankets are designed to be smaller than normal blankets for a more dedicated deep touch pressure delivery.

It could be a new senosry input for you if you are new to this. Getting started with covering your lower body from the waist down, and try covering the rest of your body to enjoy the total relaxation once your body gets used to the weight.