How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

The complete guide to washing your weighted blanket

1. Before you wash your weighted blanket

1.1 Check whether your weighted blanket is washable

Not every weighted blanket is made for washing. Read the care label or check with the manufacturer before putting it into wash. Note that, even if it is washable, verify whether it is machine washable or handwash only before putting it in your washing machine.

All Aricove weighted blankets are made of premium materials inside-out to be machine washable at maximum 110 °F using a delicate cycle with spin speed between 400rpm and 600rpm. Read on and learn about how to properly care for your Aricove weighted blanket.

1.2 Check the capacity of your washing machine and dryer

The maximum capacity of a domestic washing machine or dryer is generally between 15 pounds and 20 pounds. Depending on maximum capacity of your machine (and the weight of your weighted blanket), it may not start or work efficiently to wash and/or dry your weighted blanket for you.

1.3 Understand that your weighted blanket will feel much heavier out of wash

If it was troublesome for you to carry your weighted blanket to the laundry, be mindful that it will get even heavier straight out of wash due to the water retained – and if you have a top loader for instance, it could be a mini wrestling match to take it out. A weighted blanket cover is recommended in this case. Check out our weighted blanket covers expertly designed for weighted blankets!

2. Preparing your load and the machine setting

2.1 Wash it separately from other clothing

It is vitally important to get your weighted blanket washed by itself if you will use a washing machine. It is because your weighted blanket will get pressed and spun multiple times during a wash cycle and any hard objects attached to your other clothing may snag and damage your weighted blanket. Worst come to worst, it may even pitch a hole on your weighted blanket during wash and cause a beads leak.

Despite Aricove’s 7-layer design provides a safety net for an unlikely event as such, we strongly advise you to wash it alone (and it is heavy too!).

2.2 Use a delicate cycle with a gentle spin speed

An industrial washer is not needed for washing a weighted blanket. Instead, a gentle delicate wash cycle with maximum spin speed between 600 and 800 rpm will clean your weighted blanket sufficiently.

2.3 Temperature: apply only low to medium heat

You could wash your Aricove weighted blanket at up to 110’F to eliminate common bedroom allergens, given that a delicate cycle and a low spin speed are applied as above. For other weighted blankets, check with the manufacturer for directions.

3. Drying your weighted blanket

3.1 Dry your weighted blanket flat

Drying your weighted blanket flat in a cool, dry place is the most preferred way. Aricove weighted blankets are made of premium bamboo with a breathable structure that enables moisture to wick away quickly and your weighted blanket to dry faster than you would expect.

3.2 Dry your weighted blanket using a dryer

Once again, check the manufacturer’s directions before proceeding. You can tumble-dry your Aricove weighted blanket in low heat if preferred and that your machine’s capacity allows.

3.3 Keep your weighted blanket in a cool, dry place

To extend the life of your weighted blanket, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and keep your bedroom mostly cool and dry – assuming that is where you will keep it mostly. If you are travelling with your weighted blanket, be sure to protect it with the portable tote bag came with your Aricove weighted blanket!