Best Practices on Washing a Weighted Blanket

Best Practices on Washing a Weighted Blanket

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How to wash a weighted blanket depends upon the outer material and on the filler. Weighted blankets have a variety of outer materials. Some of the cheaper blankets use materials that can shrink, fade, or discolor on washing. Others are tough and can be washed repeatedly without any deterioration, provided you use the correct temperature and detergents. But always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

After the wash is drying – and that is easy enough provided you follow the guidelines which come with the product. Make sure yours is a washable weighted blanket, preferably a machine washable weighted blanket!


Let’s review all possible weighted blanket materials:


Cotton Weighted Blanket

Cotton washes well – but take note of your weighted blanket filling. Some people add vinegar or salt to the first wash to prevent the color dye from bleeding out. Don’t add this for other covers though as this can damage them. Note that a very hot wash will probably shrink 100% cotton, and is not recommended for other materials either. A strong detergent is also likely to cause some fading of strong colors.

Fleece Weighted Blanket

A warm wash and cool dry cycle will take care of your fleece. You can use fabric softener for your fleece if you wish but be aware that fleece is terribly polluting. Washing them releases millions of microfibers into our oceans every day.

Minky Fur Fabric

Minky is 100% polyester and does feel soft and cuddly. Use a gentle warm or cold wash to bring them back to almost like-new. Be careful if there are stains as rubbing will flatten the scrubbed part. Never use fabric softener as it will make the long fibers of minky fur clump together.


Like cotton, this is fairly easy to wash using a cold or warm gentle cycle. A badly stained fabric will need pre-wash stain treatment.


This is not often used for weighed blankets since wool is delicate and washing can be difficult. If you machine wash – use the wool cycle, or hand-wash in cool water with a gentle detergent to be safe.


Rayon is a cellulose fiber formed from vegetables. Hand washing is recommended – if you use a machine then 300F is recommended.

Silk Weighted Blanket?

Silk is rarely used for weighted blankets. Dry clean or wash by hand with cold water using as little gentle detergent as possible.

Linen blend

These weighted blankets may have to be dry-cleaned – and this can cause problems with the filling. Most are better hand-washed at home. Sometimes you can use a cold cycle, and if there are stains, diluted bleach may work – but you might also spoil your lovely blanket.

Bambo fabric

You should wash your bamboo fabric in a gentle cycle. Bamboo’s viscose fibers are strong and durable, however are heat sensitive so don’t go too hot or the structure can be distorted. (For our Aricve blankets we recommend 860F.) Bamboo fabric can be spoiled by acid or alkali, so use a mild or biodegradable detergent to keep the silky feel. Unlike cheaper cotton, bamboo fabrics do not discolor or fade. Learn more about the superior qualities of bamboo fabrics.


Machine washing  – is yours a washable weighted blanket?

Most weighted blankets can be machine washed. Usually, a cool cycle and a gentle wash will bring them back refreshed and clean. But you need to check on the filling as well as the outer layers – and the load capacity of your washing machine. Most domestic washing machines cope with loads up to 30 pounds, if your blanket is heavier than this you might like to consider a laundromat or handwashing your weighted blanket in the bath.

So how to wash a 30 lb weighted blanket means either a hand wash or in a laundromat, making sure that the temperature suits the fabric and the filling.


When to wash a weighted blanket by hand

You will need to take into account the weight, but there are other things you might want to consider. Some of the fillings are safer washed by hand. Most of the outer materials are machine washable provided you use a gentle cool cycle. Wool, rayon, and silk are all delicate and to preserve their qualities hand washing is advisable. Both rayon and silk are easily damaged and wool pilling may be a problem if you machine wash.


Which weighted blanket fillings are wash-friendly?

Glass beads

How to wash a weighted blanket with glass beads is one of the easiest options. These micro-glass beads are only about 8mm in diameter, small enough to feel soft and robust enough to withstand machine washing and even a gentle, low heat tumble dry.

Metal beads

These provide a nice heavy feeling without bulk,  but they can damage the outer material if washed in a machine, and escape into the washer.

Plastic poly pellets

You can use a cool wash – but too hot and they can melt and clump together.

Organic material

Can you wash a weighted blanket filled with rice, beans, and other organic materials? These are sometimes used as fillings to save costs – but washing is a nightmare. Apart from the soggy mass, contamination with yeasts, molds, and infestations can occur.


Another difficult one to wash. It might seem nice when new and dry – but it’s very hard to dry after a wash, and incomplete drying creates a risk of mold, yeasts, and infestations.

Spot cleaning

Stains happen! Rinse it out as soon as possible, run the stained part under cold water, give a gentle rub – and if you need a mild detergent rinse it out afterward.

Weighted blanket cover

Washing the covers is relatively simple. Use the same guidelines as for the outer material. Since they probably need more frequent washing it’s a good idea to have a spare. Take care not to use a hot machine wash on bamboo fabric, since the beautiful silkiness of the bamboo fibers might be compromised.


How to dry your weighted blanket

You can use low heat with a gentle tumble dry for most weighted blankets.

If your filler consists of metal beads, sand, or small pebbles you will need to air dry your weighted blanket. To keep the weight distribution equal dry your weighted blanket flat. Turn it every couple of hours to let both sides dry. Ironing is one chore you had better miss! 

Aricove bamboo weighted blanket and bamboo duvet cover are machine washable and are best line dried to give them a fresh and wrinkle-free appearance. 


Which weighted blanket to choose?

Successfully washing your weighted blanket can be fairly easy if you take good precautions, yet it can be really difficult with some of the fillings. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you follow the instructions your weighted blanket will give you years of easy, restful, and refreshing sleep. To watch Aricove cooling weighted blanket success stories, please visit our customers' reviews. 


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