Bamboo Weighted Blanket Breathability, Thermoregulation & Moisture Control

Bamboo Weighted Blanket Breathability, Thermoregulation & Moisture Control

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By the looks of it, weighted blankets are an idea whose time has come — at least if you judge by all the companies now entering this space. These advanced smart-sleep devices may originally have been developed by healthcare professionals treating mood disorders, but now everyone’s catching on. And with good reason — a quality bamboo weighted blanket can lessen insomnia, promote restful sleep, and reduce anxiety and stress.

But here’s something you should know before you wade into this increasingly-crowded marketplace: not all weighted blankets are created equal. Sure, some suppliers know enough to tell you about weight distribution and other features. But very few have the kind of specialist expertise that will ensure you find a high-grade product that’s a perfect fit for you and your needs.



Getting the right weight and size is important — but it doesn’t stop there

Don’t get me wrong: weight and size are crucial to the performance of your new blanket. You’ll want a device that’s been designed with your proportions in mind, without going to excess. Remember that if it’s too small you won’t have adequate coverage, but if it’s too large you’ll skew the weight distribution and lose the snug fit around your contours that’s so important to the performance of these products.

If you’re still not clear about the weight and size metrics to be aware of, take a look at our article on these important factors: Weight Matters or How Heavy Should Your Weighted Blanket Be.


The weighted blanket trifecta

So the snug, close-fitting wrapping of a weighted blanket is a critical part of why it works so well. But because these devices are intended to sit so close to your skin, there’s little space between you and your blanket for air to flow. If the manufacturer hasn’t taken this into account, you’ll find that your blanket accumulates moisture over the course of the night and does a poor job of controlling temperature. 

If you’re looking for the perfect smart-sleep device to offer you all the advantages of these innovative products while ensuring that you enjoy night after night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep, then you’ll need to know how the best blankets offer much more than just the right size and weight. Read on to discover why breathability, thermoregulation, and moisture wicking are the trifecta of a good weighted blanket design.


Not too hot, not too cold 

Enjoy feeling sweaty and damp at night…? Didn’t think so — me neither. On a hot summer’s night, is there anything more likely to keep you from the refreshing sleep you crave? And yet many fabrics are actually pretty poor at keeping you dry and cool while you’re undercover. More often than not, the moisture that develops as you respire and perspire under your sheets will struggle to make its way to the exterior — resulting in the damp stickiness we loathe so much.

Here’s where bamboo fabrics come in. Bamboo is one of the most breathable materials around — this means that it naturally does a great job of regulating temperature and actively keeping you dry. When there is a temperature differential between the warm interior underneath your blanket and the cool exterior, the weave of bamboo fabric will allow air to circulate freely and encourage a temperature equilibrium. 

And this same property of temperature regulation works the other way too: when you’re feeling cool during the winter, this remarkable fabric will help you stay warm and cozy. Bamboo is therefore an incredibly sophisticated fiber when it comes to managing the microclimate under the blanket. Its natural properties will cool you down in the summer and keep you warm in the winter — making a bamboo weighted blanket suitable for year-round usage. 

Bamboo also performs excellently in keeping you dry over the course of the night. In this industry, bamboo is well-known for having a vapor transmission rate that is twice as high as cotton — rather than allowing moisture to become trapped within the pores of the fabric, it wicks moisture very efficiently and encourages it to evaporate into the air. So on a balmy summer’s night, bamboo will do a superb job keeping you cool and dry.


Going with the (air) flow

By now, you’ll no doubt appreciate the superiority of bamboo when compared to other fabrics — few alternatives in the marketplace can match bamboo’s incredible ability to maintain your temperature so optimally over the course of the night. And this can have a huge impact on how well you sleep.

You may not know it, but your body temperature plays an incredibly important role in falling asleep and enjoying a restful night. Ideally, your body’s core temperature will drop just before you go to sleep and this will reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and increase the likelihood that you’ll stay sleeping until the morning. If your blanket doesn’t do the job it should allowing air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, you can expect to endure a hot, stuffy night.

By choosing a premium bamboo weighted blanket, you’re not only guaranteeing you’ll enjoy the relaxing, comforting features of these innovative smart-sleep devices — you’re also making sure that your slumber won’t be disturbed by dampness or temperature fluctuations. Here’s to waking up refreshed and revitalised after even the most oppressive of hot summer nights!


Bamboo weighted blankets — the wave of the future

Bamboo weighted blankets represent nothing less than a complete paradigm shift in bedding and home furnishings. Countless contented users all over the world now know what a difference it can make to your overall wellbeing when you enjoy the breathability, thermoregulation, and moisture-wicking features of these marvellous products.


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