Bamboo Weighted Blanket – Nature’s Cure For Insomnia

Bamboo Weighted Blanket – Nature’s Cure For Insomnia

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Farming bamboo fabric

Benefits of bamboo weighted blankets

Bamboo weighted blanket cover

How does bamboo fabric compare with other fabric choices?

How to find the best bamboo weighted blanket for you and your children


The use of bamboo fabric helped to transform an ordinary weighted blanket into a luxurious sleep device. A quality bamboo weighted blanket is soft and super silky and it helps your body stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The applied gentle deep pressure is soothing and feels very relaxing.

By choosing to use bamboo fabric you are also helping to save the planet since the bamboo crop is fast-growing and uses less of the earth’s natural resources compared to other crops like cotton and linen.

The distinctive qualities of the bamboo fabric make it the first choice for people seeking a perfect weighted blanket. 

Farming bamboo fabric 

Bamboo forests in China and India have been cultivated for hundreds of years, and in some rural parts of India local tribes even celebrate bamboo textile festivals every year.

Bamboo shoots grow incredibly fast, and every summer the fully grown shoots are marked to ensure that they are harvested at the right time. They can grow to a height of 20 meters in just three months and their tensile strength is known to be 5,000 pounds per square inch stronger than that of steel.

Don’t believe me? David Trujillo from Tedx at Coventry University will happily shed more light on this astonishing truth from the civil engineering perspective.

It seems incredible that they can be converted into the super-soft and silky fabric used in designer clothes, leading sportswear, premium bedding products, and some of the best-weighted blankets.

Bamboo can be grown under many climatic conditions, and you can find it growing in the United States and Europe now. Further advantages for growing bamboo are that the crop does not need pesticides (unlike cotton which uses 25% of American pesticide use), and it also requires 1/3 less water than cotton crops – as water is becoming an increasingly scarce and valuable natural resource.

After the bamboo has been harvested it is transported to the mills. The fibers can be transformed into fabric in two ways, either chemically or mechanically.

Where the chemical method is used the bamboo is crushed and the cellulose is dissolved away in tubs of sodium hydroxide. Carbon disulfide is added and this creates a fluffy mix from which fibers can be drawn off, washed, and bleached or colored.

The mechanical methods take a little longer; the fibers are crushed and natural enzymes break it down further to produce a fine mush.

The resulting fibers are very fine, they have a high tensile strength which means that the yarn produced is soft yet tough. The cellulose is not wasted since it can be converted into rayon.


Benefits of bamboo weighted blankets

 Benefits of bamboo weighted blanket

Superior comfort and temperature regulation

Would you like to indulge yourself in the comfort of super-soft and silky material? Bamboo fabric feels smooth and cool, and so comfortable. It assists in regulating body temperature so that when it gets too hot it helps your body to cool down, and when the outside temperature drops – it keeps you cozy and warm.


Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture

Bamboo fabric fibers are hollow, which allows them to better wick away moisture, helping you to stay dry at night under the covers. It also means that bamboo fabrics are colorfast and keep their pristine appearance for longer than many other fabrics.


Durable bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is tough and will outlast other fabrics if it is properly cared for. Washing bamboo weighted blankets is easy, however, since the bamboo fabric stays fresh and crisp for longer, you won’t need to wash it as often.


Health benefits

Most bamboo weighted blankets have hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, so they resist mold and fight-off house dust mites that can be a problem for other materials such as cotton and linen.


Bamboo weighted blanket cover

Having a bamboo cover for your weighted blanket will make your life even easier. Easy to wash and easy to dry; easy to keep spotless, stainless, and fresh. Its anti-pilling qualities will help to keep it looking new wash after wash.


How does bamboo fabric compare with other fabric choices?


Tencel has similar properties, but koalas would rather keep it

Lyocell is a fiber with the brand name Tencel. Similar to bamboo, Tencel is manufactured from wood pulp – often eucalyptus trees. With both Tencel, and bamboo, the cellulose is dissolved away and most of the solvents can be recycled.

In most cases, harvesting of eucalyptus does not mean cutting the trees down and destroying the roots – which is also a benefit since eucalyptus trees are declining in numbers. They are cut close to the ground and new shoots grow to regenerate the eucalyptus – in other words, a coppicing technique is used.

Unfortunately, reoccurring bushfires spreading to Australian forests have reduced the number of eucalyptus trees leaving koalas, which feed on them more vulnerable to extinction. The Australian Koala Foundation reports that there are considerably less than 100,000 of them left in the wild.

Bamboo grows extremely fast, the plant is not destroyed and indeed the bamboo crop is fully sustainable.

Both products can be environmentally friendly. In the production of Tencel, 99% of the water and solvents used can be recycled. Both Tencel and Bamboo are biodegradable and provided the finished product has the Oeko Tex stamp of approval you can be sure that no harmful or toxic substances have been used in its manufacture.



Some brands began manufacturing their weighted blankets using eco-velvet. Velvet is a description of the fabric’s structure – so it can be made from various sources. Other fabrics are either knitted or flat-woven, but not velvet.

Velvet needs more yarn to make than other fabrics to give it the velvety pile and raised loops. It used to be produced from silk but now silk is often replaced by cheaper alternatives such as polyester.

Eco-velvets may be produced from beech trees, harvested sustainably, or from recycled plastic using eco-friendly processing methods. However, the result is a heavy, knitted velvety fabric. It looks and feels very different from the bamboo fabric and is much less breathable. One advantage of bamboo is the ease of washing – weighted blankets made from eco-velvet do not have covers and are heavy to wash.




How to find the best bamboo weighted blanket for you and your children


Bamboo weighted blankets for adults 

Aricove blankets come in weight categories suitable for most adults. Wondering how heavy should your weighted blanket should be? In this article, you will find our best weight recommendations based on your body type, joint sensitivity, and muscle density, as well as why the twin size is often the best option to go with.


Bamboo weighted blanket for kids

Most children enjoy loving hugs and the proprioceptive input of a bamboo weighted blanket is calming and reassuring. It helps children feel safe allowing them to relax and go to sleep at ease. This has a huge impact on their health and happiness. Aricove 5 lb bamboo weighted blanket is suitable for restless toddlers from the age of two or older. This size can also be useful for trips out or used as a calming nap blanket.


Are weighted blankets good?


Yes! Weighted blankets help us enjoy the sleep we need and desire. They help us to indulge in extreme comfort for the night and make it easy to slip into the calm, relaxed state of mind making it easier to sleep.

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