Aricove Weighted Blanket 10lb, 15lb or 20lb - 48x72 inch

$109.95 $139.95

• Help you FALL ASLEEP faster, STAY ASLEEP through the night and WAKE UP REFRESHED – Ultra-soft 7-layer bamboo weighted blanket made of luxurious materials in Aricove’s signature 4” alternating diamond quilt pattern. Deliver soft, sink-in comfort by following closely the contours of your body and distributing weight evenly. HUG you to sleep deeply through the night and wake up rested and refreshed.

• Natural TEMPERATURE regulation properties keep you COOL in summer, WARM in winter and your skin FRESH all year-round – Made of our 100% breathable twill-woven BAMBOO viscose fabric, it has a vapor transmission rate TWICE as high as cotton to wick away moisture on your skin and let it evaporate in the air efficiently. Alleviate hot flashes symptoms, soothe your nervous system continuously and prevent you from waking up soaked in night sweats.

• Perfect for SENSITIVE skin – Our production is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an international testing system for textiles in ensuring no harmful substances or chemicals in all parts of our products. Quilted with our specially treated inner microfiber layers to STAY SOFT, ELIMINATE NOISE and make it HYPOALLERGENIC throughout. It’s HYGIENIC and is MILD to the sensory receptors in your skin so you can snuggle into the comfy weight and drift off to uninterrupted blissful sleep.

• Machine WASHABLE & tumble dry safe – Made of high-quality pre-shrunk twill-woven bamboo viscose sheets, high-performance microfiber filling and superfine lead-free glass beads, this breathable weighted blanket DRIES QUICKLY after wash. With natural ODOR-FIGHTING properties, it’s easy to maintain and the brilliant WHITE color is built not to fade to yellow or gray over time like cotton, fleece and other lower-grade bamboo materials do.

• RECOMMENDED by occupational therapist, your Aricove is expertly crafted with loads of love, attention and care to last for years – Certified ISO9001 and ISO14001, international quality management standards, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality products that are produced sustainably and ethically. You’ve never compromised quality, why should your sleep be any different?

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Teresa T.
United States United States

Amazing Weighted Blanket

I had been searching for a weighted blanket that I actually wanted to use. There are so many out there, but I could never find one that I actually wanted to use UNTIL.....I found ARICOVE....what an amazing product. Thank you ARICOVE for making such a great product.

Anita E.
United States United States

Amazing Blanket

There are many details I. This blanket that set it apart from others like the individual pockets for beads and the removable, washable duvet.

Amy D.
United States United States

Great gift

I bought this as a gift for my mother. She says it helps her sleep better. She takes it with her when we go on vacation as she cannot sleep without it.

Mahalia S.
United States United States


This blanket helps with anxiety an it puts me to sleep fast I wish it came in other colors but it do have coverings since the blanket is white

Matthew M.
United States United States


I love this blanket makes it feel much better to sleep

Maggie T.
United States United States

The hype is real

I slept like a baby!!! The weight is something to get use to but it’s amazing!!

Belinda R.
United States United States

Relaxed sleep

I was surprised at the relaxing sleep that I have been getting since I purchased the blanket.

Jennifer K.
United States United States

Love It!

I love everything about this blanket. It feels very relaxing, it isn't too hot, and the fabric is soft. The weights don't bunch up but feel evenly distributed across the blanket. I guess there is one problem though. My daughter took it! She loves it just as much as I do. I've got to buy another one now.

Barbara R.
United States United States

Great weighted blanket

This is my second weighted blanket. The first one purchased is very good but I thought it may be to hot once the warmer weather set in. I decided to give the Aricove weighted blanket a try, mainly because of the bamboo material and the spacing of the glass beads. I currently have bamboo sheets and love them. The Aricove blanket is everything I hoped it would be, cooling, soft and perfectly weighted. I would definitely recommend this weighted blanket.

tammy r.
United States United States

Love it !

I have tried a few different weighted blankets and they all made me so hot ! I actually just order a second to make it a little heavier :)

Melissa O.
United States United States

Best Night Sleep

The moment Aricove blanket hugs you, it’s gives you the most relaxed feeling. I look forward to getting a good nights rest.


The perfect weighted blanket!

This blanket is very well constructed. I love the double stitched 4” squares. This keeps the weight evenly distributed. I got the 15 pound blanket which is perfect. The fabric is wonderful to the touch and remains nice and cool. It is summer and this has not been hot. I am sleeping very comfortably! Although it was more expensive than most blankets, it is well worth the additional investment!

Karen R.
United States

Aricove Weighted Blanket

Buying another as soon they're back in stock. Not sure how they work, but as an overheated sleeper with insomnia, the blanket has actually kept me cooler and I sleep better. I still wake up, but for not as long. Will forever wonder how I sleep cooler with all the extra weight, but I do. Never posted a review for anything before, but this has been a life changer. I was greedy and got the 20lb, but I think the 15lb would be even better. I'll consider them my summer and winter blankets.

Bev D.
United States

So far so good.

Have only used it for a couple weeks but so far so good. I am noticing better sleep. It does seem very warm so I’m concerned how it will feel in summer.


So soft to the touch and extremely comfortable

I have always been one to be very picky about the blankets I choose for my bedding. I have been debating way to blanket for a while now and I finally decided to look into them and finally purchase one. I picked this one because I'm doing my research I wanted to make sure I on a way to blanket where most of the weight was on me and not wasted on my bed. Best buy cat is a perfect size and I am able to easily wrap myself in it. I am about 130 lb and bought the 15 lb blanket. I find the wait to be very comfortable without being too much. I also love that this blanket is made out of the bamboo fabric. Since the blanket is made out of bamboo it keeps my temperature regulated and I do not sweat during the night even with sleeping with my other bed sheets and blankets in addition to my weighted blanket. Cranberry interested to see if the same applies when summer time comes around. I did also buy the bamboo cover that is offering along with the blanket. I found it very easy to attach the blanket to it and I don't really notice the buttons in the cover of when I put the blanket on me, which is a huge plus for me. After deciding I liked the blanket, I went ahead and bought a spare blanket cover for when I want to clean my first blanket cover. For me it was well worth the wait as I bought my blanket during a pre-order sale, as in the end I received a very well-made product and I couldn't be happier.