Should You Get a Weighted Blanket?

Should You Get a Weighted Blanket?

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There is little research into the possible risks of using weighted blankets. Many people do find them an enormous help in getting off to sleep, comfortably and safely. However, there are a few cases where a weighted blanket is not recommended.

The key questions to ask are: 1) is the person able to manage the extra weight of the blanket and 2) is the design of the blanket optimized for comfort and safety?

We thought it is important to explain the times when under a weighted blanket may not be the best way to sleep:


Are Weighted Blankets Safe For Kids

Are weighted blankets safe for kids? Children under the age of two are too young to use a weighted blanket and we do not recommend it. Once they are older, however, weighted blankets for children help our little heroes calm down and be ready for sleep. Learn more about the Aricove 5lb Weighted Blanket For Kids and how it will benefit your child.


Guidelines to follow when using a kids weighted blanket

  • Make sure your child can easily remove the blanket at any time.
  • It should not cover their head or neck.
  • Choose the correct weight for your child – follow the recommended 10% of the full body mass.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Best not to have it too large so it doesn’t drape over the sides of the bed.


For Elderly People

Being an all-natural sleep solution, there are no weighted blanket side effects as such. A 10lb weighted sleeping blanket is a good option for the elderly and people with sensitive joints, however, 25-40lb weighted blankets may not be recommended, especially for prolonged use.  


People With Sleep Apnoea

This occurs in between 5-15% of people, so it is not uncommon. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, then under a heavy gravity blanket is not the right way of resting for you. If you snore too often, you should check with your doctor since sleep apnoea can be treated.


If Experiencing Breathing difficulties

For some people, the extra weight on their chest might be uncomfortable. However, a quality weighted blanket made of bamboo material can be an excellent choice for night-time asthma sufferers. The bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, and it can be machine washed on the delicate cycle, which eliminates the house dust mite – a cause of many allergic night-time sleeping problems.



If the epileptic attacks are severe or frequent, then there might be a risk of getting caught under the blanket.

Children With Heart Conditions

If your child has heart-related problems, speak to your doctor first.


Skin Allergies

During the night many people with skin allergies scratch themselves and can wake up with new excoriations. Any weighted blanket or comforter using the wrong materials can make such condition worse. However, the bamboo fabric used in the Aricove weighted blankets has natural hypoallergenic and bactericidal qualities, which have helped many children with eczema to reduce inflammation on the skin and sleep well through the night without itching as much.



Claustrophobia affects people in different ways and is rarely a problem with weighted blankets. For most people suffering from PTSD weighted blankets have a calming effect, and can be very helpful. Read more about weighted blankets for anxiety and how they could benefit both children and adults. 


Sharing a weighted blanket between two people

To ensure the even distribution of weight and get the most benefits, weighted blankets are intended for single-person use only. You might choose an oversized weighted blanket of 25lbs or more to share on the couch while watching TV, but sharing a weighted blanket for sleep will not bring the desired result.


What design features make a safe weighted blanket?

The fabric: bamboo fabric is even softer than cotton and wicks away moisture 40% better. It is hypoallergenic, which is great for people with eczema, asthma, or other allergies. It is antimicrobial and antifungal – and, of course, biodegradable.

The quilt pocket size: if the pockets that contain the weights are too big – the weights can fall to the side and the result is an uneven spread of the weight. We use our signature 4-inch alternating Hermann grid pattern for most even weight distribution and close contouring of your body.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100: this is an international safety standard and blankets that reach this standard are certified that they do not contain any harmful substances in the fabric.

The healthy filling: there are three kinds of filling commonly used in weighted blankets: micro-glass beads,  poly-pellets, and sand. Micro-glass lead-free pellets are smoother than poly-pellets and give a more comfortable feel, and are a better choice if you have delicate skin or are sensitive to sound. Sand causes big bumps in the blanket if it comes into contact with moisture – and is very hard to wash and takes forever to dry.

The micro-glass beads are also heavier than poly-pellets and do not bulk up. But most importantly, the micro-glass beads do not produce any noise from tossing and turning in bed since their movement is very constrained by the smaller pocket size.


Quality of blanket layers: some of the cheaper weighted blankets have too few layers. This carries a risk of accidental or worn fabric tear, releasing hundreds of tiny beads or pellets onto the bed. Potential disaster! Aricove weighted blankets have 7 layers of premium material, which can be accompanied by an additional 2 layers of smoothness and protection, if you decide to purchase the silky-soft bamboo weighted blanket cover.

bamboo weighted blanket 7 layers

Machine washable and tumble dry safe: imagine having a beautiful weighted blanket that shrinks in the wash or has to be hand-washed each time! Or maybe a pretty color, that fades with every wash. This happens when the material used is of poor quality. So, always check: can you wash your weighted blanket?


Are Weighted Blankets Worth Trying

When choosing your weighted blanket you need all the right information to make the correct choice.

For most people, using a weighted blanket for sleep has many benefits. It calms you down, helps you relax, and get a good night’s sleep. To live life fully you need enough good quality sleep - and a weighted blanket can help you achieve this. However, in a very few cases, a weighted blanket may not be the right option.


To learn more about the Benefits of the Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adults in our next blog post. 


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