What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

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We all probably have one or two sleeping positions that we tend to prefer. Finding that most comfortable sleeping position can help us to get a good night’s rest, whereas sleeping in an uncomfortable position can leave us tossing and turning throughout the night. Since we all have different preferences, you may be wondering what your sleeping position says about you. Here, learn about various sleeping positions and their meanings.

Does Sleep Position Say Anything About Personality?

While it may seem like sleep position and personality are not at all related, a study of sleeping positions and their meanings suggests that they might be. According to a UK study conducted by Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, sleep positions appear to be connected to behavior.

Idzikowski reported on the following sleeping positions and their meanings:

  • The fetus: This position involves curling up with feet to the chest, and 41% of people in Idzikowski’s study reported sleeping in this position, with more women than men preferring it. The position is associated with being shy and sensitive, but people who sleep in this position become more open and relaxed after becoming comfortable with someone.
  • The Log: Characterized by lying down on your side with both arms also at the side, the log suggests that someone is social and likeable, and they are known for being laid back and care-free. They may be too trusting of others at times.
  • The Yearner: The yearner position sleeps on their side with arms stretched out to the front of them, and this type of sleeper tends to be suspicious of others, cynical, and slow to make decisions. Once they have settled upon a decision, it is unlikely they will change their mind, according to Idzikowski.
  • The Soldier: Sleeping on their backs with arms right at the side, soldier sleepers have high expectations of themselves and others, but they tend to be good listeners, and they come across as reserved.
  • The Freefaller: This position describes those who sleep on their stomachs, and it is probably the sleep position associated with the most negative personality traits. People who sleep in the freefaller position tend to have difficulty accepting criticism, and they come across as haughty, narrow-minded, opinionated, and sometimes downright rude, according to Idzikowski’s research.
  • The Starfish: The starfish position is characterized by lying on the back with arms and legs outspread. People who sleep in this position tend to be relaxed, free spirits who live a peaceful existence and need their space.

Keep in mind that while the study did find some evidence of sleeping styles and their meanings, the reality is that you cannot determine a person’s personality and behavior simply by looking at their sleep position name. People who choose a certain sleeping position may do so because of their personality traits, but two people may choose identical sleep positions and have entirely different personalities. On the other hand, people who choose two different positions may have similar personalities.

Sleep Position and Health

While the relationship between sleep position names and personality may not be absolute, what researchers do know is that certain sleep positions may influence a person’s health. For example, a recent study found that sleep apnea, a condition in which a person stops breathing multiple times throughout the night, is dependent upon sleep position for a majority of people. For those who experience sleep apnea only when sleeping in a certain position, most have breathing difficulty only when sleeping on their backs.

Since sleep apnea causes a person to stop breathing during the night, it has some serious health consequences.  For example, lack of oxygen throughout the night can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. In addition, frequent awakening from paused breathing can lead to sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness, which can have a negative effect on mental health and make it difficult to get through the day. In summary, for some people, the sleep position names can make a difference in health and wellbeing, with positions that involve sleeping on the back being less-than-optimal.

The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

Beyond the fact that sleep position can affect health and may be related to personality, it is important to keep in mind that people tend to choose a certain sleep position because it is what is most comfortable for them. According to research, selecting a comfortable position is important, because when a person sleeps in their most comfortable position, they have improved lung functioning.

The position that is most comfortable may vary from person-to-person, but according to the UK study, it seems that the fetal position may be particularly comfortable, because nearly half of participants chose to sleep in that position. Sometimes, what your sleeping position says about you is that you are simply most comfortable when positioned a particular way.

Weighted Blankets for Optimal Comfort in Any Position

If you’re having trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position, perhaps due to pain, anxiety, or restlessness, a weighted blanket can help. These blankets apply deep touch pressure, which calms the nervous system and can make it easier to settle down for a restful night of sleep. Regardless of what your sleeping position says about you, a weighted blanket can change your sleep quality for the better.

Comfortable Sleep With Aricove

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