Benefits of a Weighted Blanket for Kids

Benefits of a Weighted Blanket for Kids

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Do you get exhausted trying to get your toddler or child to sleep every single night? Your little one might be going through or adjusting from sleep regression. The transition to a new sleep cycle often leads to a decrease in sleep and an increase in crankiness and clinginess. A quality weighted blanket for kids might just be the answer to this challenge. And there are toddler size weighted blankets, great for both boys and girls.

Weighted blankets are not recommended for toddlers under the age of two years old. But for other children, the weighted blanket is safe, comfortable, and practical. In this critical period of development, it is crucial that your little dreamer feels secure, safe, and calm to sleep better and develop healthy new sleeping habits.

Young children can be hard to get to sleep, and the 5lb weighted blanket for kids starting from a 3-year-old may be the missing puzzle in getting a good night’s sleep. How heavy should a weighted blanket be for a child? Please refer to the below weight chart when ordering an Aricove bamboo weighted blanket for your loved ones. 

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It is crucial to pick the right weight. It is recommended that the kids weighted blanket should be 10% of the child’s body weight plus one or two pounds. As an extra precaution, the best children’s weighted blankets have the ISO certifications that ensure there are no hazardous substances in the make-up of the blanket. And, of course, they should be machine washable!

Weighted blankets for children have many specific uses – but most children over the age of two would love to have their own weighted blanket for daily naps and evening cuddles. View all the benefits of the Aricove 5lb Weighted Blanket for Kids


Mild On Skin Allergies and Eczema

A child with eczema may find it difficult to settle for sleep. They itch, they scratch. That makes them itch more, so the scratch more. It’s a vicious cycle, and often by the morning, fresh excoriations are seen.

The hypoallergic natural qualities of the premium bamboo fabric in the kids weighted blanket will help reduce the risk of skin irritation causing the urge to scratch. The breathability of the blanket will also help in keeping your children cool through the night.

Interested in learning more about the superior qualities of the bamboo fabric? Read on how Bamboo beats cotton any day of the week.


Sensory issues

Children with sensory issues often feel more relaxed and comfortable under a kid's weighted blanket.

If they are very sensitive to touch, and cannot tolerate a human hug – they might find it easier to relax under a weighted blanket. The deep pressure may help desensitize and calm them.

If your child is super sensitive to sound then the slight rustling of most weighted blankets can be unbearably loud for them.

Some children cannot bear to be too hot or too cold – the weighted blankets for children will keep them at the most comfortable temperature throughout the night. While some can’t stand a smell. Hence, weighted blankets for children should also be odor-free and machine washable.



“Autism” denotes a wide range of difficulties – no two children with autism are the same. The idea of deep pressure being calming was first introduced as a weighted blanket therapy for autistic children.

A child who needs to be hugged – but won’t let their mom hug them – will gain comfort from a kid’s weighted blanket. Some children demand hugs and so mom or dad spend the early evening – every early evening – in bed with their child, soothing them with hugs. It’s nice. It’s lovely. But it is very demanding. A weighted blanket might be a suitable option for some busy mornings.

Autistic children tend to like order and stability, change can be unfavorable for them. So knowing their own weighted blanket is waiting for them in bed is a part of the routine to reassure them. Restless movements are reduced, so it is easier for them to settle down and relax.

The deep pressure stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine – two neurotransmitters that act on the brain and calm us. Serotonin is also the precursor of melatonin, the sleep hormone. So for children who have autistic features, a kid’s weighted blanket makes them feel safe, secure, and calmer, as well as releasing hormones to help them get to sleep.



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is frequently diagnosed – incorrectly. Most children are super-active and need to calm down at bedtime before they can sleep. But for children with true ADHD a weighted blanket can be life-changing – and for their parents.

A study by pediatric occupational therapists showed that preschool and elementary-aged children with autism or ADHD who used weighted blankets or vests in class were less fidgety and more likely to stay on task.


Calming Anxiety

Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) acts on our pressure points within our bodies, in much the same way as deep massage and acupressure works. It stimulates the release of our main “happiness” hormone – serotonin. It also reduces our output of cortisol the stress hormone.

You can find further information about the use of Weighted Blankets for Anxiety.


Day time use

Your weighted blanket for kids can be used by day as well, especially at times when they need to concentrate or when start feeling stressed. If your child is having day naps, you may find that the kids weighted blanket is just what they need to relax and get the most from the break.

And then there’s homework. If your child finds it hard to settle and concentrate, try draping the weighted blanket around their shoulders or fold it on their lap. 


Bamboo Weighted Blankets For Kids Sleep

From the first use of deep pressure for children with sensory difficulties to being a practical aid for many other children, weighted blankets for kids have been proved useful. Many children will get to sleep more quickly and enjoy a better quality of sleep through the night.

Aricove weighted blankets for toddlers have been crafted with comfort and safety in mind. Children will love to indulge in the silky-soft feel of the bamboo fabric.


So, do weighted blankets help children sleep? Yes indeed, they can be very effective – and when your child sleeps, that can help you as well!

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