How Much Should You Pay for a Weighted Blanket?

How Much Should You Pay for a Weighted Blanket?

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Weighted blankets have become popular because of the benefits of weighted blanket therapy, so there are many blankets to choose from on the market. When looking into weighted blanket options, you will probably find yourself wondering, “How much do weighted blankets cost?” The reality is that the cost can vary widely, depending on the brand and quality of the blanket, as well as the materials used to make it. Fortunately, there are so many options on the market that most people can find one that fits their needs, and their budgets.

Is a Weighted Blanket Worth It?

When you’re wondering about how much weighted blankets cost, you are probably concerned about whether or not they are worth their price. For many people looking for effective home remedies for insomnia, weighted blankets are worth the price tag quite simply because they work. In fact, a study with individuals suffering from insomnia found that these people slept longer, moved less often in their sleep, and reported feeling more refreshed upon waking up in the morning when they used a weighted blanket.

A weighted blanket is also worth the cost for parents who have children who struggle with sleep, as research has shown that these blankets can help children with ADHD and autism to settle down for sleep at night and stay asleep more throughout the night. If you suffer from poor sleep yourself, or your children are keeping you awake at night, robbing you of the sleep you need to feel your best, a weighted blanket is an investment in your health and wellbeing. This makes the answer to, “Are weighted blankets worth it?” a resounding, Yes!”

So How Much Does a Weighted Blanket Cost?

While the cost of a weighted blanket can vary, there is a general price range that you can expect to pay for one of these blankets. Most weighted blankets cost at least $100, but it is uncommon to find one that costs over $300. Some companies may charge more for heavier blankets, whereas others charge a flat rate for their weighted blankets, regardless of the weight.

If the cost of a weighted blanket seems unmanageable for you, there are some budget options on the market, available at mass retailers like Amazon or Walmart. These can be a good option if you have a tighter budget and aren’t concerned about the specific fabric or specifications of the blanket. Budget-friendly blankets may run as low as $40 to $50.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Weighted Blanket?

Another option if you’re on a budget is making your own weighted blanket. While the cost varies depending upon the size of the blanket, as well as your fabric choice and the type of weighted blanket filler you use in your blanket, you can probably expect to pay less than the $100 to $300 that most commercial weighted blankets cost. Plastic poly pellets, which are a common filler for weighted blankets, can be purchased for $50 or less for the amount needed to make a weighted blanket, and fabric is relatively inexpensive in craft stores. Keep in mind that some budget weighted blankets may be cheaper than a homemade weighted blanket.

Other Considerations

Another consideration that may make a weighted blanket worth the cost is that some companies offer warranties on their weighted blankets. Warranties generally cover any defects that occur with typical use during the warranty period and can protect your investment. A weighted blanket of a higher cost might be worth it if the manufacturer offers a warranty.

It is also helpful to consider shipping costs for your weighted blanket. Naturally, a weighted blanket can be rather heavy, and some companies may pass shipping costs on to you. On the other hand, some makers offer free shipping as an incentive. When looking into how much you can pay for a weighted blanket, do not forget to incorporate shipping costs into your budget.

How Much Does a Weighted Blanket Cost From Aricove?

If you’re curious about how much weighted blankets cost, Aricove offers an affordable, high quality option. We offer the best cooling weighted blanket on the market, with weights appropriate for children aged two and up, all the way through adults who need a 20-lb weighted blanket. Our weighted blankets at Aricove are made from premium bamboo fabric, which is naturally cooling and soft to keep you comfortable all night long.

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