Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket - a Perfect Gift for Any Age

Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket - a Perfect Gift for Any Age

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What can you buy for the person who “has everything” except a good night’s sleep? With the added stress of the holiday season, and the constant craving for a night of deep relaxing sleep – what could be better than a cooling weighted blanket with breathable bamboo fabric?

When we can’t get to sleep it affects us all day and every day, we do not function well. We tend to be irritable, careless, and to feel exhausted. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep for setting us up for the next day! And at no time in the year is this more important than during bustling Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The unstable economy and draining lockdown measures of the COVID-19 pandemic have added to the stress we are all facing – so it’s even more important to stick with nights of healthy sleep and rest time.


What is a weighted blanket?

The name says it! A weighted blanket is a blanket that has the added weight evenly distributed across its surface in small pockets or compartments. The weight is often made up of micro-glass or plastic beads. The smart design of best weighted blankets will ensure even beads distribution to prevent them from bunching up and help maintain constant pressure throughout the night without sliding around. This extra weight is very calming and soothing. It helps people with anxiety and stress-induced insomnia get to sleep quickly, feeling safe and calm under its gentle pressure. Discover more benefits of the premium bamboo weighted blanket with cover from Aricove.


Why weighted blankets have become so popular?

In 1999 the first weighted blankets were tried out on adults with mental health issues. Soon after they were found to be helping children with ADHD – and so their use spread so that now almost anyone can benefit from them. There can be no better gift than a good night’s sleep!

Besides the gentle pressure stimulation of the weighted blankets, some of them also possess temperature regulating properties – cooling weighted blankets designed for hot sleepers will not only keep their temperature within the optimum range for a goodnight’s sleep but also allow them to wakeup comfortably fresh and dry.


What is the best cooling weighted blanket of 2020?

According to Forbes, Aricove produces the best cooling weighted blanket of 2020. Forbes independent shopping contributors have also included Aricove as one of the 8 best weighted blankets on the market.

Special attention was given to our signature twill-woven bamboo viscose fabric. This breathable material is brilliant at wicking moisture away and keeping you cool and dry, so for a hot sweaty sleeper, it could be the perfect gift. In the production of Aricove weighted blankets, only lead-free micro glass beads are used and all the materials are naturally hypoallergenic and free from any toxic substances, thus letting you have a healthy environment for your sleep and relaxation. For improved softness and durability, Aricove cooling weighted blanket has 7 breathable layers + extra 2 layers of cooling bamboo fabric can be added for extra protection by adding the bamboo weighted blanket cover.


Who can use a cooling weighted blanket?

Aricove produces weighted blankets in a range of weights so anyone can benefit from their use. A 5 lb weighted blanket is suitable for toddlers and children from 2 years old.  As your children grow they will require heavier weight – and the Aricove 10 lb weighted blanket is perfect for children from the age of 8 years until their late adolescence. Having a weighted blanket at home might be the best thing to come home to after an exhausting day at school or sports activities.

Adults also differ in shape and weight – Aricove 15 lb or 20 lb weighted blanket is suitable for everyone, from the tiny queens to professional athletes, in delivering impeccable comfort for restful sleep and better recovery.

All our weighted blankets are delivered free of plastic and come in a duffel carry bag, so you can take them anywhere you wish. For some people, the daytime use of their weighted blanket in the office or during travel can be very effective in helping them to relax, focus, and concentrate on the task. 

Aricove cooling weighted blanket travel bag

What about washing a weighted blanket?

Washing your Aricove bamboo weighted blanket with cover will be the easiest and simplest of your chores, following our recommended care instructions. The bamboo weighted blanket cover is made from the same moisture-wicking organic bamboo viscose as the outer layers of your Aricove weighted blanket and can also be machine washed on a gentle cycle (86o is recommended) and can be tumble dried on low heat or line dried to avoid excessive wrinkling. Bamboo fabric is sensitive to chemical treatment, so it’s best not to add any fabric softener and use only mild or biodegradable detergent to keep it looking at its best.


A good quality weighted blanket is a perfect gift for almost anyone

A cooling weighted blanket makes a fantastic and thoughtful gift for anyone. At times of added stress and responsibilities, like the Christmas and New Year holidays, a weighted blanket could help ensure you have a sound sleep and wake up full of energy.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, then Aricove cooling weighted blankets might be the best solution to your worries. Calming and stress reliving, easy to care for, long-lasting, and luxurious. What greater gift can there be than the gift of good sleep?


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