Aricove Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cover - 48x72 inch

The Aricove weighted blanket cover is soft and pleasant to the touch. Compatible with the Aricove weighted blanket, it provides extra protection and a crisp cooling effect.

  • Made with 100% bamboo viscose.
  • Compatible with all Aricove weighted blankets 48x72 inch.
  • 10 bamboo buttons to keep your Aricove weighted blanket in place.
  • Extended L-shape zipper for a quick and hassle-free fitting of your Aricove weighted blanket.
  • Pre-washed and packaged plastic-free.
  • Machine washable and tumble dry safe.
  • Highly breathable and thermoregulating for the most comforting sleep.
  • Moisture wicking and odor resistant to help you wake up feeling fresh.
  • Certified chemical-free, hypoallergenic and ideal for people with sensitive skin.
  • Twill-woven with improved anti-pilling technology to form the most durable and luxurious bamboo cover for your Aricove weighted blanket.
  • Machine washable and tumble dry safe.
  • Ready to ship | Order by 12pm EST to get it in 2 days*

Works Best With Your Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket

  • An innovative bamboo button-to-loop system offers the most secure and hassle-free way of protecting your Aricove weighted blanket.

  • 10 fastening points around the cover to prevent your weighted blanket from bunching and slipping away.

  • Machine washable and tumble dry safe following Aricove care instructions.
weighted blanket cover

Designed To Easily Fit And Refresh Your Bedding In Under 10 Seconds

  • An invisible zipper is wrapped inside and hidden to avoid direct contact with your skin.

  • Extra length and L-shape design allow for a seamless fitting and removal of your bamboo duvet cover.
weighted blanket cover

Created For Delivering Luxurious Comfort While Improving Your Sleep

  • Our bamboo fabric feels 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton and delivers superior breathability and thermal regulation compared to cotton.

  • Premium quality weave, enhanced drape and long-lasting durability.

  • Tested through 100 cycles to deliver a softer experience with every wash.
weighted blanket cover

Resistant To Microbes, Fabric Yellowing, And Sweat Odor

  • Aricove bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, and inhospitable to bed bugs, dust mites, microbes and bacteria.

  • Experience less sneezing and itching in bed - ideal for sleeping 8 hours without tossing and turning.

  • Breathable and moisture-wicking properties of the bamboo fabric eliminate water retention and prevent your brilliant white duvet cover from yellowing.
weighted blanket cover

Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cover Care Tips

  1. Bamboo viscose is a durable fabric with advanced anti-pilling properties and will become only smoother after every wash if done correctly. Please always read and follow our Care Instructions provided with the blanket cover and printed on its label.
  2. Inspect the surface of your weighted blanket and duvet cover regularly for any hard-to-remove stains such as food, spilled drink or bodily fluids. Aricove duvet cover can be machine washed at 30°C/90°F and tumble dried on low heat delicate setting. Please be sure to wash your blanket cover separate from other articles of clothing, to prevent pilling and abrasion.
  3. When dealing with stains on any bamboo fabric, it is recommended to use only mild, biodegradable laundry detergent, to avoid acid and alkali buildup. Please also avoid using any dryer sheets with your bamboo weighted blanket or cover.
  4. For best results after washing, simply hang your bamboo weighted blanket cover on the dryer rack or line-dry to reveal its original silky and wrinkle-free look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Geralyn Windle (Lake Worth, US)
Best night sleep ever

The fabric is soft and provides protection to on my investment. So pleased with how easy it was to put on my blanket. Highly recommend!!!

Julie Kenel (Clarksburg, US)
Awesome cover

I has purchased an Aricove weighted blanket and cover several years ago an ended up giving it to a family member who really needed one - I had brought several others after that and they were just not as nice - the price is higher but the quality is top notch ! Love Aricove !!!!!

Annie Buck (Underhill, US)
2 people sleeping better

I bought this for my husband who is both a thrasher and a hot sleeper - there was definitely a learning curve for him adjusting to the weight, but he now moves around WAY less, which helps us both sleep better! It’s been great so far on all but the hottest nights (we don’t have a/c) but he’s really enjoying it. (And for me, it’s kind of a god-send!)

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