Aricove 5 lb Weighted Blankets for Toddlers and Kids

Gently weighted to help your child feel safe and protected in bed. Recommended by pediatric doctors and health experts, it’s silky soft, cozy and great for snuggling in and improving sensory processing.

  • Children and toddlers from the age of 2 and up.
  • Occupational and sensory integration therapy.
  • General sleep issues, nightmares, and insomnia.
  • Naturally ease symptoms of ADHD and anxiety.
  • Sensitive skin and eczema symptoms.
  • Making day naps and travelling with kids a breeze.
  • Improves mood, focus and sleep quality.
  • Provides gentle and reassuring touch to help feel safe and protected at night.
  • Help reduce production of stress hormones for continuous self-soothing during sleep.
  • Your child will look forward to quality bed-time and sweet dreams.
  • No cover needed, Aricove weighted blanket for kids is machine washable and tumble dry safe.
Weighted Blanket 5 lb 36"x48" 10 lb 48"x72"
2 - 5 years old
8 years old or above
26 - 45 lb
65 - 135 lb
32" - 42" 4'5" - 5'7"
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See how the Aricove
weighted blanket stacks up

Twill-woven bamboo sheets deliver luxurious comfort with satiny soft touch-and-feel. Our fabric is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking to achieve excellent temperature control for the hot sleepers, with natural antimicrobial properties to prevent skin irritation and alleviate eczema symptoms.

bamboo fabric

See how the Aricove
weighted blanket stacks up

Breathable inner layers prevent micro glass beads from rubbing against the delicate bamboo shell so that the weighted blanket will not be damaged for being used over time. Smart design to help minimize movement of micro glass beads and eliminate noise.

breathable linens

See how the Aricove
weighted blanket stacks up

High-performance microfiber enables our weighted blankets to stay firm and soft over time. Created with hot-melt technology, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and very comfortable, unlike glue spraying. One of our secret sauces to deliver the sink-in, wrap-around comfort.

High Performance Microfiber

See how the Aricove
weighted blanket stacks up

Thousands and thousands of lead-free micro glass beads measured 0.5-1mm each to follow the contours of your body closely and deliver natural deep-touch-pressure therapy through the night. Excellent conductivity to let go of excessive heat as your body temperature rises through the sleep cycle.

Micro glass beads - weighted blanket

Gentle And Even Weight Distribution Recreating A Loving Hug


Aricove's signature 4"x4" double diamond stitching allows for even glass beads distribution throughout the blanket and prevents them from bunching up.

  • This delivers the most effective Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation with a gentle grounding effect on your child's body and mind.

  • Recreates a reassuring hug feeling and enhances calm to help children feel safe and protected, promoting a night of healthy sleep.

From addressing early sensory matters to solving poor sleep dilemmas, the Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Kids will help them grow strong and happy.

Unmatched Breathability Across All 7 Layers

  • Aricove's innovative 7-layer design supports the superior breathability of the bamboo fabric and assists with natural body thermoregulation.

  • Designed to feel 2-3 degrees cooler to cotton, with 2x better airflow, Aricove bamboo weighted blankets help deliver an uninterrupted sleep experience.

  • Indulge your little dreamer in impeccable sleep comfort with the most advanced breathable structure of the kids' weighted blanket ever made.

Silky-Smooth And Soft For The Most Gentle Skin

  • Durable, fresh, and soft like silk premium bamboo fabric used in all Aricove weighted blankets is naturally hypoallergenic and gentle even to the most sensitive skin.

  • Ultra-soft micro-plush inner layer retain shape over the years to support natural breathability, deliver impeccable softness, and limit micro-glass beads movement.

  • Let your child experience incredibly soft and silent to movement pressure stimulation for natural relaxation and healthy growth.

Delivers A Natural Microbe-Free Comfort

  • Natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties allow for reduced skin inflammation to help children with eczema experience longer undisturbed sleep.

  • Antimicrobial agents in bamboo fibers fight off bacteria, fungi, and dust mites and maintain the fresh scent of your weighted blanket.

  • Can be easily machine-washed and tumble dried following Aricove care instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nohely Marini-Latorre (Oviedo, US)
Satisfied with my Purchase!!!

I purchased the 5 lbs weighted blanket for my 4 year old grandson. He has been sleeping through the night since he started using it two days ago.

MacKenzie Moore
Helped daughter sleep

My daughter is fidgety and can't settle at night. This is the perfect size/weight for a 4 year old and helps her settle. Very nice quality.

Lesley G (Denver, US)
High quality!

I am very happy with the weighted blanket I purchased from my toddler. The fabric feels great; soft, no smells, etc. I got the 15lb one for myself. Haven’t washed it yet so curious how that will go but this is a beautiful blanket and works wonders for calming and settling in at night :) We love it!

Julia Cennamo (Medford, US)
3 Year Old Loves It

My three year old was sleeping with a winter comforter in 90 degree weather and insisting on long pajamas. Since he got this blanket, I’ve slept better knowing that he’s not in a puddle of sweat.

Yeolim N.
Helped with my toddler’s night waking

I got this for my 2.5 year old who was waking up in the middle of the night every night. I was at the end of my ropes! This seems to be helping with her night wakings. The blanket has good weight to it and it is soft. Very happy with my purchase.

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