Being Customer Centric Means We Listen To Our Customers...

Aricove Product Tester Program is an on-going campaign to ensure new products we develop will effectively enhance our customer's experience and continue to delight a wider audience.

This is a completely free program for our existing customers, and you are immediately eligible upon your first purchase with us. To register your interest:

  • If your purchase was made here on our website, you will only need to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram;
  • If your purchase was made on other online marketplaces, please enter your email address on this form, like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.

The expectation from us is that you will test our new product authentically, give us sincere feedbacks (a feedback form will be provided) about the new product and help us to promote it only if you like.


How Does It Work?

When the time comes, we will pull a random draw from our Facebook and Instagram follower lists for a statistically significant number of participants and match the list with the our sale records to verify everyone's eligibility.

If you are selected, you will receive an email from us with a description of the new product and to confirm your shipping address. If you are not interested in the product upon learning about it, you can let us know within 7 days and your spot will be released for another draw.

Once confirmed, a unit of the new product will be dispatched to your address. An online feedback form will also be sent to your email address with some instructions to guide you through the process. The whole process will not cost you any money.


What Is In This For Aricove?

We see the Aricove Product Tester Program as a community giving us the opportunity to chat directly with our customers and understand how we can enhance our innovation to better satisfy the needs of the users. 

Aricove takes an evidence-based approach to product development in ensuring our products deliver exceptional values to customers. We believe our current customers who use our products understand our product requirements well with high standard matching our brand promises. Therefore, your feedback would be extremely valuable and helpful to the next successful product by Aricove.


If you would like to know more about the program, please feel free to contact us on